Storage Cube Craft Organizer

Storage Cube Craft Organizer


Complement your workspace with the Arrow Storage Cube Craft Organizer! There’s no need for bits and pieces scattered around – not with 4 sides of spatially-optimized shelves, spindles, bobbin holders, and rods that can seamlessly integrate into workstations like Judy, Bandicoot II, or Wallaby II.

At 21” x 19 ¾” x 29 1/4”, the Arrow Storage Cube Craft Organizer combiness quantity with quality in a 10-year warranty guaranteed piece of crafting furniture that will quickly become a staple in your workspace, whether it be for sewing, embroidery, quilting, or otherwise. This craft organizer boasts a whopping:

  • 42 removable thread and bobbin holders (Side 1)
  • 3 adjustable shelves measuring 9 ½” x 8 ¼” (Side 2)
  • 18 thread spindles along with 2 additional shelves (Side 3)
  • 2 rods for miscellaneous purposes such as hanging and storage room for ribbon, yard, or embroidery interfacing (Side 4)

In addition to these extensive storage features, the Arrow Storage Cube Craft Organizer was designed for maximum user-friendliness and utilization of space, with locking casters to contribute to sturdiness, easy mobility, and 360° access and an extra 7” of space behind Side 4’s rods to fit any additional baskets, fabrics, books, or tools!