About Quilt Quarters

Starting in 1989 famous fabric designer Kaye England founded Quilt Quarters in the back of her home and it has grown to become Central Indiana’s largest Quilt Shop and one of the top Bernina dealers in the US. Successor Terri Gunn worked with Kaye and helped grow the business significantly while eventually retiring in 2020. Today the store is owned by entrepreneur Russell Gay and is part of his portfolio of family-owned businesses that emphasize the values of small family-owned businesses in America as he and his team cherish the opportunity to expand on the legacy of this unique business.

What you can expect?
• The honest advice that you deserve and to be treated with respect and dignity.
• Unique fabric designers and hard to find quality fabric from across the globe
• Classes and events that will make you glad you purchased your machine from us and ensure you learn more ways to enjoy quilting, sewing & beyond.
• Low prices and flexible terms to accommodate everyone in every machine.
• We're a one-stop-shop. We strive to have everything you could ever need or imagine.


3 Summer Craft Projects

Sweet summertime is here! Whether you have some extra free time on your hands during the summer months or are looking for an indoor activity to help beat the summer heat, Quilt Quarters offers an enticing array of fabrics and patterns that are guaranteed to make those summer sewing, embroidery, and quilting projects burst with color.Embrace the sunny days with these three delightful summer craft p…

The Benefits of a Sewing Chair

As you continue to hone and craft your perfect sewing space, Quilt Quarters has plenty of products to choose from. From sewing tables to sewing cabinets, cutting tables to sewing chairs, we have it all. Now, many people have a vision for their sewing space, and things like sewing cabinets and cutting tables have a very unique design that is specifically crafted to fit the needs of crafters. But wh…