Janome Quilt Maker Pro-Stitcher 16 and 18

Janome Quilt Maker Pro-Stitcher 16 and 18


Upgrade your Janome Quilt Maker Pro 18 or Quilt Maker Pro 16 with the Quilt Maker Pro-Stitcher! This add-on comes full of benefits for our quilting friends from advanced editing options to additional machine functions!

The Quilt Maker Pro-Stitcher for Pro 18 and Pro 16 Quilt Maker machines levels up your quilting ability and project scope. With this upgrade, you'll get the ability to edit and design however your heart desires on a 12-inch color touchscreen that mounts onto your stitch-regulated quilting machine, including:

  • Resizing, rotating, cropping, stretching, and recreation
  • Skewing and aligning to fit any 3+ point areas
  • Defining and filling areas
  • Repositioning using any point within the design, which have never been easier to add

In addition to advanced editing options, you'll have access to 800+ designs and designer motifs and be able to upload your own designs in .hqf, .hqv and .qli formats and save them using the EZ Record! The Janome Quilt Maker Pro-Stitcher has a built-in, on-screen grid and ruler function, as well as stitch-in-the-ditch and edge-to-edge quilting abilities, so that you can quilt confidently on every surface of your material. Learn more about all the pros of the Quilt Maker Pro-Stitcher today!