Innov-ís NQ3700D

Innov-ís NQ3700D

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With all the necessary tools of convenience, the Innov-ís NQ3700D makes for fun, easy, and satisfaction-inducing embroidery sessions. With the ease of file transfer via the Design Database Transfer and the volume of built-in embroidery designs, you won’t ever want to stop your projects!

The Innov-ís NQ3700D combination sewing and embroidery machine gives you freedom and fun in the same place. With 291 built-in stitches and 313 embroidery designs – which include 55 Disney designs – you won’t have a shortage of inspiration! Even so, the Design Database Transfer is able to quickly and effortlessly send files between your machine and your technology – no matter what you use! The clear, 4.85″ color LCD touch screen display allows for on-screen editing, letter editing, resizing, rotating, repositioning, drag and drop, and combining designs right there, as well, so you can make any last-minute adjustments for the perfect embroidery project.

With a 6″ x 10″ workspace, you’ll be afforded all the space you need, and the Automatic Height Adjuster will make sure that you’ll be afforded a smooth, even stitch every time, as well. But that’s not the only automatic function that the Innov-ís NQ3700D has; cutting thread between color stitch blocks has also been made more convenient with the automatic feed thread cutter system, and when combined with the color sort feature, you’ll have nothing but clean, aesthetic projects! Rounding out the extensive list of features, My Custom Stitch aims to make your custom embroidery attainable with built-in sample stitches, a pivot function for corner precision, smooth circles, and a chain piecing experience that’s easier than ever.