Gidget II Sewing Table

Gidget II Sewing Table


Want an easier, even more portable sewing table but still just as much collapsible tabletop space? Meet Arrow’s Gidget II Sewing Table – a step up from the Gidget I, and with features to prove it. 

The gold standard, as far as sewing tables go, comes in the form of Arrow’s Gidget II Sewing Table. With its 2-position manual lift that allows for both free-arm and flat-bed sewing position achievement going hand-in-hand with the completely collapsible design, this table has dimensions like:

  • 40 ¼” x 19 ¾” x 4 ½” when collapsed
  • 40 ¼” x 19 ¾” x 28 ½” when open
  • 23 ¾” x 12 ½” lift opening, which fits machines on the market up to 45 lbs!

It has all the original features that make it the sturdy, reliable sewing table that people love, such as durable, steel-locking legs and a vibration-minimizing steel base, and a built-in measuring decal, but now includes wheels for easy portability even when it’s not collapsed! But when it is collapsed, it retains the ability to fit perfectly underneath beds, in closets, or behind standing cabinets. And, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the Arrow Gidget II Sewing Table – it arrives fully assembled and with a 3-year warranty to bat.