Bernette 62 Airlock

Bernette 62 Airlock

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As a coverstitch specialty machine, the Bernette 62 Airlock is perfect for those looking for an easy, professional means to make cover-stitches on an extensive list of different fabrics and projects, including the ever-difficult stretchy and elastic-type fabrics.

If you’ve ever worked with hems, you’ll know that getting the perfect, store-quality stitch proves to be a struggle – but not with the Bernette 62 Airlock coverstitch machine! As a specialty machine in the Bernette 60 series, you’ll be hard-pressed to come across a type of fabric that the B62 can’t put a perfect coverstitch or chainstitch in. The machine comes equipped with 4 different coverstitch styles and 3 chainstitch styles, color-coded threading paths, and an automatic air threader for the looper thread so that the process is smooth from start to finish.

During your sewing projects, you’ll also enjoy an adjustable stitch length function that allows for adjustments as you sew, a thread tension release that goes hand in hand with the knee-lifter included, Free-Hand System presser foot, and a freearm design for ease of movement. The included user-centered features such as the 5 LED lights for a well-lit work area, slide-on table, and matching coverstitch insert ensure that you’ll get a larger working area for bigger projects, and the open-cover activated safety switch guarantees that your project stays safe from accidents!