Bernette 37

Bernette 37


The Bernette 37 is an efficient computerized sewing machine with a range of useful functions and appealing digital interface. 

The Bernette 37 has 50 quality stitches that cover the range of utility, stretch, darning, decorative, buttonhole, and quilting stitches. Plus, a 2-step presser foot lift creates space for thick fabrics and multiple fabric layers. With the addition of the machines stop/start function, needle stop function, adjustable sewing speed, and luminous LED light to brighten your work surface, you will be prepared for projects of any scope. 

The machine’s display interface is easy to use too. With the touch of a button, you will be able to adjust settings as you sew, view stitch length and width, and view your current stitch. You can even use the start/stop function to sew without foot control. 


  • LCD display

  • Stitch overview and Quick Start Guide

  • Five different buttonholes

  • 50 stitches, including decorative and quilting stitches

  • 7 mm stitch width

  • Start/stop button

  • Slide speed control


  • Foot control

  • Zigzag foot (set on the machine)

  • Satin stitch foot

  • Buttonhole foot with slide

  • Zipper foot

  • Button sew-on foot

  • Bobbin (x4) (1 set on the machine)

  • Spool pin felt

  • Needle set

  • Second spool pin

  • Seam ripper (buttonhole opener)

  • T screwdriver

  • Brush

  • Spool disc (Small) (x1) (set on the machine)

  • Spool disc (Large) (x1)

  • Spool net

  • Dust cover