Winter Color Palettes for Your Snowy Day Projects

Winter is the perfect season for cozying up inside with some hot chocolate to work on crafting projects of any kind. When the weather is cold and darkness falls earlier in the evenings, crafting is a great way to spend your time. Not only that, but the crafts you spend time on can also be given as gifts during the holiday season!

Whether you’re making a winter quilt, your own winter/holiday decor, or doing some winter- inspired embroidery, the color palette you choose is one of the most important factors into getting started.

Let’s take a look at twelve traditional and non-traditional winter color palettes you can possibly look to for some inspiration when thinking about your next winter crafting project.

1. Classic Reds and Greens

You can never go wrong with the traditional winter reds and greens. These darker tones are classic, bold, and warm. 

2. Browns, Reds, and Greens

While this palette is somewhat similar to the first one, the addition of browns and a cool sage green give this palette more depth and dimension.

3. Greens and Browns

This color palette is incredibly natural and inviting as the mix of greens and warm browns resemble the colors of a winter evergreen forest. This is the perfect color scheme if you are looking for something cozy and calming.

4. Gold and Silver

Gold and silver are some of the most classic winter/holiday colors that are luxurious and cheerful. When paired together, these colors create a perfect mix for any winter craft! 

5. Reds and Whites

You can’t really go wrong with a classic color palette made up of reds and whites. Using a range of reds and white gives the palette a certain lightness that the palette could miss if too many dark shades of reds are used together. 

6. Blue and Earthy Tones

Deeper blues and earth tones make up a color palette that is relaxing. The darker tones of blue differ from the cool, icy blues that make us think of the ice and snow of the winter season, which makes this palette especially inviting.

7. White and Pink

This color palette is perfect for all of those pink lovers out there! The different shades of pink and white are comforting colors that evoke ideas of sugar plums and sweets. 

8. Purple and Blue

The blues and purples in this palette are eye-catching and the perfect mix of deep and light tones. The colors are soothing and pair together beautifully to create a palette that definitely stands out!

9. Blue and Gold

This color palette of blue and gold is elegant and sophisticated. Any project with this palette will be incredibly luxurious and inviting.  

10. Browns

A neutral color palette is perfect for those wishing to stay away from all of the busy, bold colors that can be popular during the winter. The different shades of brown in this palette bring a certain depth and warmth that will be sure to make any craft with this palette comforting and welcoming. 

11. Blues and Grays

The cool shades of blue and gray in this color palette creates an icy, wintry feel. These classic winter colors are soothing and a great option to choose outside of the reds, greens, and browns. 

12. Muted and Light Reds, Dark Green, and Light Blue

This color palette is a twist on the classic winter colors of reds and greens. Instead of the classic warm colors we’re used to seeing, the muted red, dark green, and light blue create a perfect mix of warm and cool colors for a unique and beautiful color palette.

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