Why You Should Buy a Bernina Machine at Quilt Quarters

Quilt Quarters is an official BERNINA dealer. You might be wondering what that means, and how it affects you as a customer at all. The fact is, it benefits you in more ways than one, because being a BERNINA dealer means that Quilt Quarters is always up-to-date with all things BERNINA. Check out the advantages our customers reap that come with being an official dealer below!

1. We get to sell the latest sewing machines and all the machines that came before it. 

This means you have access to in-store products that you can see, feel, and test before you buy. It's the best way to be sure that the machine you're buying is the right machine for you without the hassle of shipping and returns! Quilt Quarters always has several floor models out and available for potential customers to try out. Come and see for yourself if a BERNINA machine is the right one for you!

2. Our employees are provided with regular BERNINA product training.

In order to maintain our official BERNINA dealership status, our employees receive training from BERNINA specialists on the BERNINA products and machines that we sell. This ensures that our customers are getting the help that they need to understand:

  • Which machine is best suited for them
  • How their machines work
  • How their machines can be fixed if something goes wrong by BERNINA-trained technicians
  • Which accessories will be best for their projects

3. We Use Our BERNINA Knowledge to Offer Our BERNINA Mastery Guide Machine Classes for New Owners

New BERNINA machine owners are always encouraged to join us in the Quilt Quarters classroom for our Mastery Guide Class. This class is aimed at new Bernina sewing, serger, or embroidery machine owners and is taught by Kimberly Blanco. For new owners who purchased their Bernina machine at Quilt Quarters, this class is FREE! However, if you purchased your machine online or at a shop that doesn't offer this necessary instruction to familiarize you with your new machine, you can always buy a seat! 

For Sewing Classes...

All you need to bring with you to class is:

  • Your new machine
  • Your machine's accessories
  • A pencil or pen
  • Paper

For Embroidery Classes...

All you need to bring with you to class is:

  • Your machine
  • Your machine's accessories
  • Your embroidery module
  • A pencil or pen
  • Paper

Visit our BERNINA tab to learn more about the BERNINA machines we offer, or head to the calendar for BERNINA class pricing, time, and dates. Then, you can buy your ticket online or call the store to learn more and secure your spot today!

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