The 3 'B's: BERNINA, Brother, and bernette

In a world full of sewing machine brands who all release different models one after another, it can be easy to get a few of them mixed up. That's okay! Quilt Quarters is your local expert on all things sewing machine (and quilting machine, and embroidery machine, and combination machine). Today, we have the three 'B's - the trio of popular, powerhouse sewing machine brands that are Bernina, Brother, and bernette. Here, you can learn a little bit about each company and what their newest machine is!


BERNINA is a popular brand of Swiss-made sewing, quilting, and embroidery machines. Quilt Quarters is an official BERNINA dealer, meaning that our employees receive regular product training in order to provide the best assistance possible for BERNINA owners. It also means that if you buy a BERNINA machine from our store, we can offer a free training course! 

BERNINA has been around since 1893, though it wasn't officially branded until 1932 when the home machines began being sold. They have several patented functions, including:

  • BERNINA Hook
  • BERNINA Dual Feed
  • BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR)
  • BERNINA Presser Feet
  • BERNINA Free-Hand System (FHS)
  • BERNINA DesignWorks

There have been several models sold since then, and their newest machines are the BERNINA L 890 Quilters Edition - which is an Overlock/Coverstich combo serger - and the BERNINA 790 PRO, which is a sewing, embroidery, and quilting combo machine. 


Unlike BERNINA and bernette, Brother is not solely a sewing company. Instead, they offer:

  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Label-Makers
  • Sewing Machines
  • Quilting Machines
  • Embroidery Machines
  • Cutting Machines
  • Sewing Accessories
  • Industrial Garment Printers
  • Industrial Sewing Machines
  • Gearmotors

However, this doesn't mean their products are any less reliable! Brother machines are actually some of the most popular on the market. In 2023, they released their newest line of sewing machines, embroidery machines, and sergers. The line-up included:

  • Luminaire 3 Innov-ís XP3
  • Innov-ís NS1250E
  • Innov-ís NS1850D
  • Innov-ís NS2850D
  • AIRFLOW 3000 Air Serger
  • Artspira App


Some might not know this, but the bernette brand is actually owned by the BERNINA Textile Group! The bernette line was named after Odette Ueltschi-Gegauf, who was the grand-daughter of the founder of BERNINA. They are usually less expensive than BERNINA models, but still offer several BERNINA functions and similar designs. 

Their newest model is the bernette 79 Yaya Han Edition, which is a machine made in collaboration with famous cosplay artist, Yaya Han. This machine features the BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 Creator.

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