Online Haunted Hill Mansion Tiling Scene Walkthrough - Get Your Jitters Out!

Coming this September 20th, from 3-4 PM, you'll have the opportunity to brave the Terrifying Tiling Scenes with OESD's own, Mr. Sheldon!

Have you ever heard of embroidery tiling scenes? Perhaps you've seen bundles online or in stores and thought that the design was great, but didn't think you had the time to complete such a big project. Or maybe you've seen them and been intimidated by the sheer size and detail.

Either way, if you've never ventured into the embroidery tile scene, it's easier than you think, and now's your chance to learn from the experts and come out with the confidence to make your very own tiling project!

We bet you've heard of the Oklahoma Embroidery Supply & Design store (OESD), and we're certain you've seen a whole crop of Halloween and Autumn embroidery designs pop up in the past few weeks. Well, when you combine the two, you get our free virtual class that takes you through the tiling scene with an instructor straight from OESD!

This OESD scene that you'll be getting all the information for is entitled the "Haunted Hill Mansion Tiling Scene," and will be the perfect embroidery project addition to your Halloween d├ęcor this year! In this hour long class, you'll be walked through the tiling scene step-by-step, covering everything from stabilizing the embroidery tiles to assembling the scene to finishing techniques. It's all included in the FREE class!

That means there's no purchase required, unless you can't stop the itch that is sure to develop once you see how easy and fun this scene is, and decide to shop for the "Haunted Hill Mansion" during the class. Or, if you'd like to shop beforehand and follow along, you have that opportunity, as well! This class is all about getting the jitters out and giving you the tools and information you need to make the perfect tiling scene. 

Best of all? This class is COMPLETELY VIRTUAL, so you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home! Cuddle up to your device and a nice warm cup of apple cider to really get into the mood - maybe even put on your favorite Halloween film, and discover just how fun, easy, and rewarding creating an embroidered tiling scene can be.

All these insider tips and tricks are available with registration NOW, so don't miss out and sign up on the Quilt Quarters' website.