3 Reasons to Get Into Crafting

Happy National Crafting Month!

We're quite proud of all the crafters we have as patrons at Quilt Quarters, and we love to show that off! Our showroom has plenty of wall space for Show and Tell quilts and projects, and those quilters can tell you just how great crafting is. 

If you're not sure that quilting is your thing, that's just fine! Sewing, crocheting, knitting, painting, macramé, basket-weaving, wood burning - should we go on? There is plenty out there to explore when it comes to crafting and creative expression. But why should you start crafting in the first place? Sure, perhaps you get a final product out of your hard work, but it might seem expensive and difficult to learn and too time-consuming for those who have never crafted before.

We're here during this National Crafting Month to give beginners 3 good reasons to start their crafting journey!

1. It's Great For Your Brain

Crafting benefits your brain in more ways than one! Learning new skills and having something to focus on and engage with keeps your mind active and running. This can contribute to increased intelligence, better sleep, and even give you a better ability to ward off the onset of memory loss. Studies have shown that those who craft may also be at a lower risk of diseases like Alzheimer's disease.

Besides just giving your brain a workout, crafting is also used to help those suffering with mental health issues. Depression and anxiety can be lessened by crafting since the sense of accomplishment, peace, exploration, and self-expression contributes to elevated mood and increased happiness.

2. It Gives You Community

Especially if you've just moved to a new place or have fallen out of an old hobby, the crafting community is close-knit (see what we did there?) and a very fun place to be! There are crafting stores all over with specialized contents where you can find the materials that you need as well as fellow craftspeople to talk to, bounce ideas off of, learn from, and organize meet-ups with!

Even here at Quilt Quarters, we have the opportunity for classes, online events, in-store events, workshops, show and tell, and social media where our shoppers can stay connected! Finding others that have the same interests and hobbies as you can lead to better skills in your chosen craft, since many minds with information from across time and space are better than one, and an expanded social circle! You can find a group that you fit into and make plenty of lifelong friends while you craft.

3. It Builds You as a Person

With so many factors that we've already touched on, crafting tends to make you a well-rounded person. It benefits social health, mental and emotional health, and even physical health! But besides those, it also can add meaning to your life. Each project has a goal that you can see, and it can give you direction, even if only in one part of your life. 

Crafting, even in the beginning stages when you might be discouraged and feel like you're messing things up, is a great self-confidence booster because nothing is ever really messed up. Everything is a learning experience and yours exclusively. That's something to be proud of! Then, as you build your skills, having something you're good at is a wonderfully validating thing.

If you're looking for an expansive collection of fabric, notions, classes, and sewing clubs to spark creativity and let your imagination soar, Quilt Quarters - located at 9504 Haver Way, Indianapolis, IN 46240 has over 7,000 square feet and 25 years of experience as Indianapolis's top choice for sewing and quilting needs. Our staff is always looking for opportunities to help, so feel free to reach out! You can fill out a contact form on our website, call us at (317) 757-8340, or visit us in-store from 9am-5pm during weekdays and 9am-4pm on Saturday. "Sew" you soon!