Bernette b05

Bernette b05


The Bernette b05 is the perfect sewing machine for those inspired sewists ready to get to work creating. With numerous functions including 33 exclusive stitches and a fast motor, the Bernette b05 enables you to quickly implement your most extravagant ideas. For tedious projects that require a slower pace, you're able to easily turn down the maximum possible sewing speed.

12 presser foot soles are included and an easy-to-attach finger guard makes every seam seem like child's play. The large, convenient extension table gives you all the space you need for even the biggest sewing project. When you've got ideas coming to you faster than you can sew, the Bernette b05 will be there for you every step of the way.

Do you want to achieve your most creative projects? Are you in search of a sewing machine that is robust, easy-to-use and will stick with you through thick and thin? And all for a reasonable price? Then the Bernette b05 is perfect for you!


  • A robust, durable and powerful allrounder
  • Highest sewing speed (1100spm)
  • 33 essential stitches
  • Super stretch (Lycra) stitch and blanket stitch
  • Finger guard
  • 2 LED sewing lights
  • Power switch with speed limitation
  • 12 included presser feet
  • High-quality extension table
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure