The Benefits of a Sewing Chair

As you continue to hone and craft your perfect sewing space, Quilt Quarters has plenty of products to choose from. From sewing tables to sewing cabinets, cutting tables to sewing chairs, we have it all. Now, many people have a vision for their sewing space, and things like sewing cabinets and cutting tables have a very unique design that is specifically crafted to fit the needs of crafters. But what about sewing chairs? What makes them different? For the price, why should you buy an Arrow sewing chair over an used computer chair from Facebook Marketplace?

Well, like sewing cabinets and cutting tables and the like, sewing chairs are designs specifically for sewing spaces! They're adorable and designed with top-rated fabric patterns, yes, but these mobile, sturdy little chairs offer more than just aesthetic. They're cute, and they're functional too!

1. They are designed for the height of sewing tables and cabinets.

One of the biggest advantages that sewing chairs give is that, because they are made for sewing tables and cabinets, they are designed with an adjustable height for those products in mind. Computer chairs are intended for a different purpose, and will therefore have a different design. There will be no cramped legs, high seats, or bulky armrests to deal with! 

2. They have targeted back support.

Like many tasks that require people to be bent over a desk or table for long periods of time, sewing and quilting can cause back pain. For a workspace that is constructed for your comfort, having a chair that provides back support to the most affected parts of your spine (the lumbar region, specifically) reduces fatigue, increases productivity, and makes your sewing experience the best it can be.

3. Many models have built-in storage space in the seat.

We all know that those in our craft are hoarders of sorts. Whether it be scraps of fabric, specialty tools, copious amounts of pins, needles, machine feet, or other notions, there are a lot of bits and bobs for us to store. The under-the-seat storage space is a great way to add a little more organization in a convenient and functional way.

Quilt Quarters Carries Arrow Sewing Chairs and Horn of America Drafting Chairs

If you're looking to upgrade your current sewing crafting seat from an uncomfortable dining table chair or an ill-fitting desk chair, Quilt Quarters has plenty of sewing chairs for you to choose from! From smooth rolling casters, an adjustable hydraulic lift, a rotating swivel base, and increased back support, sewing chairs are certainly an investment worth making. Our Arrow Sewing Chairs are available in a multitude of colors and are the perfect addition for every aesthetic! Come on into the store is you would like to try one out before you buy or add one to your cart online today.

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