NEW CLASS ALERT: Get Double the Fun with a 2-Part Class Exploring Applique "Bench Pillows"

Attention all furniture-d├ęcor fanatics, every seamstress and seamster out there, and those wanting to learn a new sewing skill - we have a class for you!

In this 2-part class, you'll get to know the ins and outs of the Raw Edge Fusible Applique from the "Bench Pillows for All Seasons" book by Chris Malone. And once you learn the first time in the first season, you'll be set to make all the different season-specific bench pillows that your heart desires! 

This new, 2-part series class will be taught by Debby Gwirtz, and you can sign up by visiting the store or calling us at 317-757-8340! Session 1 will be on November 2nd and Session 2 on November 16th from 10am to 1pm on both days - follow our Facebook Page to get all the news right on your dashboard. Class cost is $35, and we'll get into a little more detail about each session below. Check it out and sign up now!

Part 1:

Coming November 2nd, you'll get part 1 of the 2-class series on bench pillows. What's so great about this class, though, if you've made regular pillows before? You might be thinking, "Well, it can't be all that different."

While that might be true for some forms, styles, and techniques, our class series gives you the opportunity to focus on one technique in particular - the Raw Edge Fusible Applique. Using the birdhouse pattern from Chris Malone's book, "Bench Pillows for All Seasons" ($8 for electronic download and $10 for a physical copy), which will need to go on your shopping list before attending the class, you'll learn the tips and tricks to apply when it comes to this fast and easy method.

For a comprehensive class list, visit our Quilt Quarters location at 9504 Haver Way, Indianapolis, IN 46240.

Part 2:

After completing the first part of the class, you get to come back for another fun-filled day at Quilt Quarters on November 16th for Class #2! 

Since you'll already be an expert at the Raw Edge Fusible Applique, this class will take you into the second phase of a bench pillow and provide all the information and facets of quilting with a walking foot - perhaps even a feed foot! We'll start the class off by adding two very important borders around the applique piece from Class #1, and then move into quilting around the applique shapes, as well as stitching in the ditch.

To finalize your newly sewn bench pillow, we'll discuss tips on how to measure, cut, and sew on borders, the pillow back, and more! 

Keep in mind that if you intend to make the bench pillows during the classes, a 16" x 38" pillow form will fit the case perfectly. Any kind is acceptable, but if you don't know where to start, correct sizes are offered by KimberbellCrafter's Choice, and at Annie's Craft Store

Don't wait! Call 317-757-8340 or visit the Quilt Quarter's store to sign up now!