July Classes at Quilt Quarters in Carmel, IN

If you're interested in attending an event at Quilt Quarters, you can view the calendar here or learn more about the classes that Quilt Quarters is offering in July below!

  • Sewing Studios are held every Monday and Thursday! If you would like help making a particular pattern or project then this is the class for you! Our Educator, Donna Schmidt, will be available to assist you. Class costs vary depending on time: 3 hours for $15, 4 hours for $20, or 5 hours for $25.
  • Bernina Mastery Classes are held on Friday the 10th and Friday the 17th. This Mastery Guide Class is led by Kimberly Blanco and is for New Bernina Owners. This class is $55 or free of charge for new Bernina machine owners.
  • Want to know how to get designs from a disk, USB stick, or download into your computer and then into your embroidery machine? Then the Computer Skills for Embroidery Machines on July 15th is the class for you. We will talk about downloading designs, unzipping designs, where to save designs, sending designs to machine, centering designs in the hoop using templates, etc. This class is for any embroidery machine that uses a computer to get designs loaded using a stick or direct connect. The class is $20 and taught by Jean Abbott. Bring your computer and mouse. We will be using Artlink 8 on the computer (If you have Bernina Software V8 you will not need Artlink 8). You will need to download Artlink 8 onto your computer before class. It is a free download on the Bernina USA web page. You do NOT need to bring your embroidery machine. I will demonstrate part of the class using the embroidery machine at the shop.
  • Learn how to sew a Jelly Roll Rug on Sunday, July 19th! Many of you have seen the jelly roll rug and thought you would love to make it, but it seems overwhelming. With the right techniques, this rug is fun to make! This class is $25 per person and taught by Joan Finn. Call/visit store to receive supplies list and pre-class prep work instructions. Sewing machine, scissors, thread, etc.
  • A Machine Embroidery and Software Open Studio will be held on Wednesday, July 29th. This Studio is designed for those who need help with a machine embroidery project or software. Editing designs, adding lettering, combining designs, etc. Anything related to embroidery software and machine embroidery. The instructor is knowledgeable of all levels of the Bernina Software and machine embroidery techniques, but not how all machines function. This studio is hosted by Jean Abbott and attendees can pay $15 for 3 hours, $20 for 4 hours, or $25 for 5 hours. Bring your computer if software related and/or your embroidery machine with all the associated equipment needed to stitch out the design you want to work on in class. All equipment should be in good working condition.
  • A Software Inspirations class will be held on July 18th. You can learn various features available in Bernina Embroidery Software V8. Exploring software techniques and its tools will expand your knowledge of this powerful embroidery software. It will grow your creativity and encourage you to use your software and embroider more. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about Bernina software! This event is $80/12 months or $10/session and is taught by Jean Abbott. All you need to bring is pen and paper
  • The Creative Studio meets the third Saturday of the month. A different project is demonstrated each month. We discuss the sewing techniques and accessories used to make the project. This class is to provide the consumer with knowledge about Bernina machines and accessories. $80 for 12 months or $10 per session taught by Terri Gunn.